Thorne Webcam Series

Surveillance technology increasingly monitors and records the everyday lives of individuals. The Thorne Webcam series questions how data collected from these technologies can be viewed as portraits of surveilled individuals. What intimate moments does it capture? What can it not capture? The two works included in this series use the motion data of individuals—recorded by the Thorne Dining Hall webcam at Bowdoin College—to generate abstract graphic visualizations. These visualizations document not only the motions of a single individual as they perform a certain task, but also the space within which they perform these actions.

Thorne Webcam (9/24/16, 1:43PM): Circle Xuan Qu Waits to Pick Out Watermelon Slice (2016), digital print, 63 x 49 inches

Thorne Webcam (9/24/16, 1:33PM): Luis López Licks Thumb After Preparing Toast (2016), digital print, 63 x 49 inches